Active- Duty members and their Families

The well-being of active-duty military personnel and their families is of utmost importance. The Foundation will offer support where there are gaps in support from the military and our government. Below are the areas where the Foundation may offer assistance if called upon. 

Health Care - The availability of providers accepting Tricare has decreased since the COVID-19 pandemic. While Tricare remains competitive with civilian health care, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) is working to address long appointment wait times by bringing more patients back into military treatment facilities. Efforts are underway to enhance staffing and broaden virtual care within military health facilities.

Family Housing and Barracks - In 2021, inflation led to increased housing prices, affecting military personnel’s ability to cover costs. The Defense Department authorized temporary boosts to the Basic Allowance for Housing in 56 high-demand geographic areas.

Permanent Change-of-Station (PCS) Moves - Frequent relocations are a hallmark of military service, occurring approximately every 2 to 3 years. These moves can disrupt spouses’ careers and children’s education. Supporting families during PCS transitions is critical.

Military Spouse Employment - Military spouses often face challenges in maintaining stable employment due to frequent moves and other demands of military life. Efforts to improve spouse employment opportunities are essential for family stability.

Time Apart from Family - Deployments and training requirements lead to significant time away from loved ones. Balancing military duties with family life remains a concern.

Children’s Education - Frequent moves can impact children’s education continuity. Ensuring educational support during transitions is vital.

Lack of Control Over Military Careers - Military families experience uncertainty regarding career paths and assignments. Providing clearer pathways and support is crucial for their well-being.

Food and Nutrition - Many of our military members barely live paycheck to paycheck. Due to rising cost of food, our active-duty end up on food stamps and other programs, but in some cases, that assistance is not enough. No service member or their families should have to worry about where their next meals are coming from.  

Scholarships - The Foundation will be creating a scholarship fund that will award a scholarship to a child of any active-duty member who loses their life in the line of duty. The scholarship will be for any accredited 2- or 4-year college or trade school. The scholarship fund will only be available to those who live in the counties of Northeast Florida in which the Foundation covers. The Foundations goal is to have the scholarship fund invested so that the scholarships can be granted off of the interest that the fund generates.