Veterans Programs

Unfortunately, once a member of the military leaves their branch of service and becomes a veteran, they are left trying to navigate a new life without the military to guide them. Many of our nation's veterans fall through the cracks and end up homeless, suffer from the demons of war, can't find employment, and have a host of other issues that prevent them from living their lives to the fullest. The Northeast Florida Fallen Heros Foundation aims to assist our veterans wherever possible so that they can see that their country has not forgotten about them. Below are the areas of focus where we can make a difference.

Make the 22 become Zero - Far too many of our veterans come back from war and are haunted by the demons of combat and end their lives. Many of our veterans reach out for help, but due to the wait times at the Veteran Hospitals, they can't get the treatment that they so desperately need. They see no other way out but to end their lives. Our foundation like many other non-profits will support all efforts to end veteran suicide. We will support local and area programs to achieve the goal of "Zero"!

Food and Nutrition - Many of our area's veterans are low income and don't qualify for the many Food and Nutrition Programs that are offered by state and federal programs. This is due to their income being slightly above the requirements for these programs. We will work with various agencies to identify the veterans and their families in these situations to ensure that veterans and their families will not go hungry. 

Housing Repairs - Many of our area poor veterans are unable to provide the basic housing repairs to keep their homes from falling into disrepair. The foundation will work with the area service organizations such as the VFW and American Legion to have them reach out to the local business communities to either donate or provide at a discount materials and labor to make repairs on the veteran's home. The service organizations would be expected to donate labor as well. The Foundation would if needed step in and assist in a onetime grant per veteran to assist in home repairs.

Mobility - Many of our veterans are limited in their ability to get to doctor's appointments and out of their homes due to lack of transportation and a handicap accessible home. While the Veterans Administration does provide some transportation to medical appointments, it is limited in nature. The Foundation will work with local VFW's and American Legions to ensure those veterans in need of a wheelchair ramp to their homes, have one. We will also work with area transportation companies to set up programs that would allow a veteran to contact them directly for a ride to medical appointments at a reduced or no fee. 

Housing Insecurities - Many veterans have difficulty finding affordable housing for themselves and their families. This results in far too many veterans becoming homeless and sleeping on the streets. The Foundation will work with local agencies to get veterans that we are aware are homeless off the streets and into shelters. 

Unemployment - Our veterans have a unique set of skills that may or may not transition into a job in the civilian workforce. The Foundation will work with job placement and training agencies to ensure that our veterans in need of employment can become a productive part of society and to earn a living to support themselves and their families. 

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention - Our veterans have been in situations that none of us can possibly imagine. Many cope with their issues by resorting to drugs and alcohol. In the end many become addicted and become homeless. The Foundation will aide local programs to assist these veterans to get clean and sobor so that they don't end up on the streets. 

Sexual Assault Prevention - Many of our veteran's female and male alike, experienced sexual assault or harassment while on active duty or afterwards. The Foundation will support those organizations that help these victims obtain counseling and ongoing support that they need. 

Camaraderie and a Purpose - After leaving service, many of our veterans lose their way and lack the camaraderie of talking with those in similar situations because there is no place for them to meet others like them. This is why the Foundation is supporting the American Legion Post 372 Building Fund. In Lower Duval and Upper St John's Counties, there is no location for the veterans to meet and talk with each other. The new Post 372 building will fill that void and provide a space for the over 35,000 veterans in that area to meet.