Youth & Community Programs

Every area is different with their own set of issues facing the youth and community. The Foundation will focus on a small number of areas within our communities that we can offer the most assistance. Below are those programs:

Bullying - With the introduction of social media into our lives, bullying of our youth has taken a turn for the worse. No longer is it just harassment on the playground, it is all over the internet. The Foundation will support programs aimed at stopping bullying in schools, online, and have the goal of preventing our youth from taking their lives because of being bullied.

Substance Abuse - We are at the point where we know someone who's life has been affected by illegal drug use. Whether it is someone becoming homeless, arrested, or has lost their life due to an overdose. Stopping this disease on our society begins at home and in the classrooms. The Foundation will support programs aimed at our youth to educate them about the harm drugs cause to themselves and their families. 

Hunger & Nutrition - With the cost-of-living skyrocketing, low paying jobs, and the cost of providing a place to live, many families struggle to provide food and quality meals for their families. The Foundation will look to partner with local foodbanks and charities to identify those who can use food assistance. 

Youth Activities - The lack of youth activities is a pressing concern that affects the well-being and development of young people worldwide. A global study led by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that over 80% of school-going adolescents (aged 11 to 17 years) do not meet the current recommendation of at least one hour of physical activity per day. Specifically, 85% of girls and 78% of boys fall short of this guideline. The health benefits of regular physical activity during adolescence include improved fitness, bone health, and positive effects on weight and cardiometabolic health. There’s also evidence that physical activity positively impacts cognitive development and socialization. Urgent policy action is needed to promote and retain girls’ participation in physical activity. There are many factors contributing to physical inactivity among our youth. These include reduced opportunities for unstructured play limit kids’ daily physical activity. Increased competitiveness in sports has shifted the focus on competition instead of the joy of physical activity. Absence of physical education programs in our schools and communities and our youth sitting in front of computers, tv's, and cell phones leaves fewer options for regular exercise. Shockingly, only about 30% of kids achieve the recommended 60 minutes of vigorous physical activity each day. The Foundation will work with organizations such as the YMCA to foster an environment that encourages physical activity, play, and access to sports and physical education programs that promote health and the development of the youth of our communities. 

Homelessness - Homelessness in our communities continues to grow. Some of the factors that contribute to the rise in individuals and families becoming homeless are: Affordable Housing, Cost of Living, Housing Quality, Mental Health Issues, Domestic Violence, Addiction, Poverty, and more. Our Foundation will work with non-government agencies to identify those in the community to get them into shelters, off the streets, and assist in addressing the causes of homelessness in our communities. The Foundation will also focus on those families that are on the borderline of becoming homeless.

Disaster Assistance - The Northeast Florida area is prone to major hurricanes. The Foundation will work with the American Legion Post 372 in providing a location at the Post 372 building to provide emergency food, water, and supplies distribution.  

Safe Communities - Having safe communities and keeping our youth out of the legal system, begins at home. Unfortunately, many of our youth have no guidance in their lives which causes them to make bad decisions. Once starting down the wrong path, this creates a lifetime of addiction, crime, and more. The Foundation will work with organizations to foster an environment in the communities where are youth are mentored to become leaders of our communities.