The Northeast Florida Fallen Heroes Foundation is located in the Mandarin Area of Jacksonville, FL. We are in the process of applying for 501c.3 Non-Profit Status with the Internal Revenue Service. The organization is being formed by members of the American Legion Mandarin "Fallen Heroes" Post 372 (a 501.c.19 non-profit). We have seen the needs of our veterans & active-duty military and their dependents, the first responders, the area youth, and our communities in general are not being met. This is happening not only in the Lower Duval and Upper St John's Counties, but also across all of Northeast Florida.

Our goal is to focus on community support where others have failed to do so. Many of these situations are individual or family focused where assistance is unable to be provided by smaller non-profits and veteran service organizations in Northeast Florida.

Some of those needs not being met are as follow:

1. Severely disabled veterans are unable to maintain their homes or make repairs due to limited income. The Foundation would work with other non-profits to prevent the issues from getting to the point where the veterans home become unlivable. 

2. Veterans Suicide - When a veteran takes their life, their families may be left with mortgages, car payments, and other bills due to a loss of income and insurance companies unwilling to pay on the policy due to suicide. The Foundation will work with others to ensure that the family is assisted to get them through the tough times and back on their feet. 

3. Homelessness - Many are on our street corners soliciting for funds stating that they are homeless in areas that are not downtown and in the city areas. The Foundation will work with others to ensure that these individuals will get the same assistance as those in the downtown areas of our cities. 

4. Our Youth - The Foundation will work with others to ensure that the youth of our communities get the services that are needed to prevent bullying, have after school programs to keep them off the streets, and to ensure that they have proper nutrition.

Above are just a few problems that we see in the community and are contacted about weekly. Once the Foundation has its non-profit status and is funded, all requests for grants, funding, and donations will be required to be fully vetted and requested by other non-profits. The Foundation will not consider requests by individuals unless the request is first vetted by another non-profit. 

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Northeast Florida Fallen Heroes Foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, or disability in administration of its grant and funding selection process and programs.